Joi has been accepted into the Park City Arts Festival as a featured visual artist.  Hope to see you there!

Wire trees set on stone.  Created by Joi Aoki, individual stones are chosen for their individual chacteristics. Varying from igneous rock riddled with caverns, holes, and irregularities, to smooth sandstone, basalt, or granite. The unique features of the stone are observed and then a tree is envisioned.  Thick 16 gauge wire is then twisted in the shape of a tree with its roots intertwined with it's companion rock. 

Trees we observe in nature along a coast line, growing anchored to a steep cliff or an outcropping of rock.  They've endured formidable circumstances and have survived. These are what have inspired these 'reminders of this beautiful earth'. 





Please click on the 'gallery' to view each wire tree and it's individual personality.